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How Do I Place An Order?

We want our clients to get in touch with us and place the order directly with us.

Payment and Shipping

Because you cannot place an order via our website, you need to contact us, and set the payment with us accordingly. All our prices are ex-factory. 


​Why are all the products are with either $0.1 or without prices?

We in "Meir Cohen LTD." belive in connection, we want to know our clients, understand their needs and give them the privete treatment they need. Therefore, if you want to get a qoutation, you need to write the SKU (model number) and contact us. 

Is it possible to meet your sales represntative?

If you buy judaica products in bulk, and you are from  North America or Europe, we will be pleased to set a meeting with you during one of Ronny's business trips, Ronny goes for this business trip 3 times a year to Europe and 1 time after passover to the US and Canada

Do you have a showroom i can visit?

Absolutely, If you are visiting Israel, you are welcome to scheduale a meeting with Ronny and visit our magnificent showroom and to see our entire collection. 

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